Love, Water Lily

The Hustle and Revival

Morgan Hickey

It seems today that all that matters is your hustle.  If you look anywhere on social media, you'll find endless memes and inspirational quotes set atop a beautiful beach scene encouraging you to hustle hard, work harder, don't stop, you can do more if you set your mind to it.  If you don't, obviously you're a failure, and you definitely don't get to enjoy those words on that beach.   I'm not saying that's always a bad thing.  Hard work and an unwillingness to accept less than your best are very important qualities to possess.  However, maybe there's another way...

New Year, Same You

Morgan Hickey

Happy First Day of 2017 I'm not much for using milestones to guide one's behavior, but as the fog lifted this morning to reveal a beautiful and sunny southern day I can't help but think it is a great day to start fresh.  I've already had too many hours to reflect upon this idea.  My neighbors have fireworks displays that rival those of small cities, and my boys think they sound like thunder...and they're afraid of thunder.  Add in my baby girl who likes to wake up every two hours or so.  Then top it off with a 0555 wake up....