New Year, Same You

Morgan Hickey

Happy First Day of 2017

I'm not much for using milestones to guide one's behavior, but as the fog lifted this morning to reveal a beautiful and sunny southern day I can't help but think it is a great day to start fresh.  I've already had too many hours to reflect upon this idea.  My neighbors have fireworks displays that rival those of small cities, and my boys think they sound like thunder...and they're afraid of thunder.  Add in my baby girl who likes to wake up every two hours or so.  Then top it off with a 0555 wake up.  But watching the sun rise on the first day of this one year, knowing that this rather arbitrary date can encourage people to grab tight to their goals and dreams - if only for a week or two - just seems so invigorating.

As a "retired" fitness professional I despise New Year's Resolutions.  However, if that's what helps you become your favorite version of you then I commend your decision whatever day you choose to begin.  My personal resolution was to eat as much chocolate this year as I did the last.  Good news, y'all, I'm already succeeding.  

I just hope that everyone remembers that the point of these resolutions is to make us happier.  Stressing and pining away over something in which we have full control will not make us happier.  If you miss a day at the gym, you have 364 more days to make it up.  If you eat an unhealthy meal, it will not be the singular downfall of your health.  If you raise your voice, or your lose your temper, remember to take a deep breath; you will be forgiven.  If you splurge once, your finances will not implode.  As long as you live politely to yourself and others, and work tirelessly toward your dreams, you have achieved a better you.

Every day is a reason to begin anew.  Remember that if you get off track, and feel like you have to wait until 2018 to try again.  Godspeed to your new day, your new you, your same soul. 

I hope the world is as beautiful today for you as it is for me.  I wish you peace, happiness, love, strength, success, and health.  May your fires burn bright and long, and may you acknowledge your true self.  Remember to give as much as you receive.  And most of all, smile.

xoxo, Water Lily

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