The Hustle and Revival

Morgan Hickey

It seems today that all that matters is your hustle.  If you look anywhere on social media, you'll find endless memes and inspirational quotes set atop a beautiful beach scene encouraging you to hustle hard, work harder, don't stop, you can do more if you set your mind to it.  If you don't, obviously you're a failure, and you definitely don't get to enjoy those words on that beach.  

I'm not saying that's always a bad thing.  Hard work and an unwillingness to accept less than your best are very important qualities to possess.  However, maybe there's another way to look at how we prioritize our lives.  Maybe losing sleep and living under constant pressure to achieve some dream made up entirely by oneself isn't worth it.  Maybe those words on that beach scene are...wrong.  #picturesoritdidnthappen

How this relates to The Oaks Boutique:

If you follow TOB on social media, you might have noticed I set an event date for February 1, 2018 at 10:00 CST.  It was called revival.  My goal here was to set myself a date to revamp the boutique, put up merchandise I've had FOREVER, and really dedicate time to building this little business.  (Side note: I started TOB simply because I noticed I was shopping frequently from another small Facebook boutique, and as it grew, the customer service to those of us who had shopped since the beginning became horrible.  I realized that spending money on things from someone who didn't appreciate the business was dumb.  I also realized that I, too, could open a small boutique.  I could shop {which is something I openly admit to enjoying}, hopefully I could provide others with a shopping experience they enjoyed, and it would be something to do that might fill the void of switching from professional woman to stay-at-home mom.) 

My effort into the boutique to date is rather lacking.  With three small children, a recent move, a hobby/part-time job, and all the other aspects of my life that consume my time, it honestly doesn't hit top priority very often.  And those words on that beach scene made me feel guilty.  So, I set this arbitrary date to reset my existence and do better.  I've always been an over-achiever, so I knew I couldn't let these *excuses* keep me from hustling.  I told myself I'd stay up late(er than normal), and get up early(er than normal), and I would work harder than ever to make this revival happen.

Yesterday, my friend asked, "so what happened with that? It's February third...?"  After an exasperated sigh, I admitted aloud for the first time that it just wasn't happening.  And as I thought more on this throughout the evening, I realized several things. 

The purpose of this boutique wasn't to become some high-earning megastore.  It was suppose to be fun, and a small aspect of my time that brought a different feel to my everyday life.  My life as a mom is not an *excuse* and it will always be priority one.  It is busy, messy, exhausting, dirty, stressful, and worth more than anything.  I'm proud of  where I place this priority, so why do I care that the woman who posted the meme about hustling is also a "mompreneur."  Clearly, she has her shit together, because her Instagram account says so.  *eyeroll, why did I fall for that when I know better?*  

So, when I choose sleep over staying up to edit and post photos, I will not feel guilty.  I am not less of a hustler because I don't always reach imaginary deadlines.  I will not enjoy spiritual gangstership on a beach by running myself ragged.  Nothing positive comes from unnecessary stress and worry. 

I will look honestly into myself, and I will answer the calling I hear from within.  That is how I will hustle harder, achieve my dreams, sip tropical drinks on the beach, and reap the pleasures of hard work.  By evaluating oneself, and acting upon what calls the soul at that given time, one will truly be a most achieved hustling gangster.

xx, Water Lily


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